Welcome to the Underground CoalitionEdit

The Underground Coalition is a corporation within the game Eve Online.



UNGC High Command

  • UNGC Uniformed Service
    • UNGC Naval Warfare Dept
      • UNGC Naval Division (ND)
        • UNGC 1st Fleet
      • UNGC Naval Intelegence Division (NID)
      • UNGC Naval Special Warfare Division (NSWD)
      • UNGC Naval Combat Support Division (NCSD)
      • UNGC Orbital Droped Ground Troops (ODGT)
        • UNGC Commadant Command
          • UNGC Marines
            • A Company (Light Infantry) "Never let anyone tell you the odds"
          • UNGC Army
    • UNGC Logistical Dept
      • UNGC Public Affairs Division (PAD)
      • UNGC Trade Division (TAD)
      • UNGC Transportation Division (TD)
      • UNGC Mining Division (MD)

Rank StructureEdit

UNGC NavyEdit

  • Naval Officers
    • O-4 Fleet Grand Admiral
    • O-3 Fleet Admiral
    • O-2 Fleet Major
    • O-1 Fleet Lieutentant
  • Naval Enlisted
    • E-5 Senior Flight Seargeant
    • E-4 Flight Seargeant
    • E-3 Flight Corporal
    • E-2 Petty Officer
    • E-1 Cadet

UNGC MarinesEdit

  • Marine Officers
    • General
    • Colonel
    • Lieutentant Colonel
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
  • Marine Enlisted
    • Master Gunnery Sergeant
    • First Sergeant
    • Gunnery Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Lance Corporal
    • Private
    • Cadet

UNGC ArmyEdit

  • Army Officer
    • General
    • Colonel
    • Lieutentant Colonel
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
  • Army Enlisted
    • Sergeant Major
    • First Sergeant
    • Sergeant First Class
    • Staff Sereant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Private
    • Cadet

Headquarters and Home SystemsEdit

Headquarters- Sortet,

UNGC HistoryEdit

Combat CampaignEdit

  • Big Payback Campaign
  • The Priesthood Campaign
  • Those Bloody Red Bastards Campaign
  • Zombie Response Squad Campaign
  • Invincible Moose Campaign

Major UNGC EventsEdit

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